Nature is Taking Care of Me


“Nature nourishes the physical body, supplying our daily life-force energy and giving us the power to heal ourselves.”

“To follow the Tao, you need to live in harmony with the patterns and energy of nature. As such, nature is your teacher. Learn about abundance as you watch trees bearing fruit. Learn about happiness as you see birds greet the day with singing. Observe the way trees bend and sway in a storm, and learn about flexibility…you may be feeling disconnected–not grounded. Know that it is time to spend some time with nature. Take time today to feel the healing force of water, or to look at the trees, or to place your bare feet on the ground. Observe the behavior of animals. If you are facing a challenge, maybe it is time to stay close to the ground’s energy and focus yourself within, much like a turtle going into its shell. Remember as you meditate today that it is time to focus inwardly, to regenerate and to refresh your natural state. Know that nothing is forced in nature; everything takes its due course.

~ Tao Cards

At 6:30 pm, after a long day of very low energy, I walked barefoot onto the cool, green grass. I spread two towels in a spot that would conceal me a bit from the patio, then lay down on them in my back yard–right on the ground as if it were sand at the beach. I looked up to notice one little faint cloud on the blue sky behind the treetops, then closed my eyes. There was a very light breeze, and I focused on my breathing. When I opened them again, the sky had changed–the little fluff of a cloud replaced by three thin wisps that had been dragged across the blue. I thought how peaceful this felt, and how I hadn’t done it in a long time. Childhood memories of lying atop picnic tables and in hammocks floated into my mind. I closed my eyes again and asked the earth to receive all of my tension. Beginning at my feet, and moving slowly up to my crown, I talked to all of my bones, muscles, fascia, arteries, blood vessels, various other tissues and layers of skin. I told each of them to release every harmful thing they could let go of right down into the ground. It didn’t take long–less than one minute–and it didn’t stop for more than 30 minutes. First, one leg shook, then the other, throwing out stress through the ankle joints and knees. Then my arms. Sometimes rhythmic and smooth; sometimes jerky, and bouncy. Then a series of shudders initiating from my solar plexus… I wondered for just a second how this much stuff got hung up in my body and needed releasing, but I let that thought go too.

One of the things that I teach is how our bodies hold onto stress–from excessive emotions, overwork, too much sitting or too much striving, poor nutrition, too much time on electronic devices, and more–various imbalances in the ways in which we live our lives. I am no different, just because I teach ways to help. Sometimes, things get out of balance. We live in a very chaotic world. We have to make time to regularly release these pent-up stresses before they become illness or dis-ease. I know this first-hand. Nature will take them from us  if we will let them go. Find some time each day, if you can, to walk barefoot on the ground, touch or hug a tree, really enjoy flowers and other plant life, let the breeze touch your skin, look up at the sky, clouds, and treetops… hold your pet… whatever you find in Nature that opens and clears your body, mind and heart. These natural relationships could save your life.          ~ Joy

Note for my last post: my job is safe…for now

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