A Month is a Long Time for the Body

It was January 2006 and I was experiencing my first cranio-sacral therapy session. I was working toward certification in Healing Tough.  My natural healing studies were a respite from my high-stress corporate job. They brought a degree of balance to life but I didn’t realize my job was slowly killing me. I knew I was exhausted, wasn’t sleeping well, had gained weight, felt more frustration, anger and depression – but I was too busy and too tired to find a solution. I continued to push through extremely long hours at work and the rest of my life was severely shortchanged.

When the cranio-sacral therapist asked me about my job I told her, “I just need to push through the next couple of months.” That’s when she said to me, “A month is a long time for the body.” Self-care was a brand-new concept for me then. It had great appeal, but seemed impossible to fit into my schedule.

I wasn’t sure how to stop harming myself but knew I needed to try. The following year, I discovered Medical Qigong (MQ) therapy and Qigong self-care practices. I went for regular MQ treatments and took lots of Qigong classes. I made the self-care practices part of daily life. My health began to improve. I felt better. I had hope. It was an awakening for me.

I left that job ten long years later. I had made some positive changes during that time, but because the stress had continued to build, so had some health issues. I had developed severe Adrenal Fatigue because my body was in continual “fight-or-flight” mode. My cortisol levels were the opposite of what they should be – lowest at 7 a.m. and highest at 10 p.m. At my weakest point, somewhere around mid-2012, I had only about 2 hours a day when my mind was sharp and able to focus and my body had enough strength to handle a few tasks. The rest of the day I existed in a drowsy, foggy-headed state. Qigong was the only healthy, happy part of my life.

I continued to take small steps toward making positive changes. After four years of lifestyle changes and loving myself enough to schedule self-care into every day, my adrenal glands are healing and my cortisol levels have normalized. That’s a long time for healing, but it took decades of self-abuse, under the guise of being “busy” and “responsible,” to make myself sick. The self-care modifications were not easy and I needed help. Change takes time. I had to learn how to prioritize healing. Love is a powerful force. We don’t hesitate to share it with others, yet often put ourselves last.

You can heal too. Qigong can help. Love yourself enough to find out how. Start now to change your stress into vitality!


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